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Fruity Cocktail Trifles: Family Favourite Recipe

Fruity Cocktail Trifles: Family Favourite Recipe.

Fruity Cocktail Trifles anyone?

My Husband and I love trifles and I would say…

These are the best I’ve made so far!!

So yummy.

Fruity Cocktail Trifles:  Family Favourite Recipe

Fruity Cocktail Trifles: Family Favourite Recipe

Makes 4

Fruity Cocktail Trifles:  Family Favourite Recipe


1 pack strawberry Jelly ( that make 1 pint of jelly)

8 Trifle sponge fingers

4 Clementine juiced

411g Tin of Fruit Cocktail

1 Pint of home made custard (made up)

4 Clementines pealed and separated

250 ml Double cream

4 Chocolates chunks

Fruity Cocktail Trifles:  Family Favourite Recipe


1.) Make up jelly by putting broken jelly pieces into a jug and adding half a pint of boiling water, stir until all jelly has melted.

2.) Squeeze 4 clementines, sieve the juice and stir into the jelly, make up to 1 pint of liquid with water leave for a while to cool.

3.) Place the fruit cocktail into a sieve and drain all juice from the fruit (if not the jelly will not set properly) pick out 4 cherries and set aside for the top.

4.) Break a trifle sponge for each into 4 and place at the bottom of the tall glass, divide the fruit cocktail into all 4 glasses then repeat with the 2nd trifle sponge.

5.) Now the jelly should have cooled tip over the fruit and sponges evenly into 4 glasses.

6.) Place in a refrigerator until completely set.

7.) Make up 1 pint of custard according to custard packet and set aside to cool and set.

8.) Once everything is completely set add the custard to the 4 glasses.

9.) Peel the Clementine’s removing any pips and place one on top of each trifle around the outside of the custard.

Fruity Cocktail Trifles:  Family Favourite Recipe

Place the cream in a bowl and whisk until thick and creamy.

Spoon onto the clementine’s.

Grate the chocolates with a fine nutmeg grater and sprinkle onto each placing the saved cherries in the middle.


Fruity Cocktail Trifles:  Family Favourite Recipe

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    Thanx… bang goes the diet !!! Happy new year X

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  5. Mom Blogger Thank you for following, going to follow back 🙂

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    I am ready to dig in! Thanks so much for linking your fabulous recipe up at Sweet Temptations!

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    Just this year I've discovered trifles. I haven't made any yet, but I've gathered a few good recipes I want to try. Your trifle looks delicious!

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    These look so delicious! Thanks so much for sharing and Happy New Year!

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    Oh my gosh this looks scrumptious. I love clementines and this is a fun way to use them. Can't wait to give it a whirl. So happy you shared this on BeColorful's Motivated Monday.PR

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