Graze-on-the-go Peppers: Party Food Ideas

Recipe and recipe photography by Primula Cheese

Graze-on-the-go Peppers: Party Food Ideas.

Hello friends. How fun are these Graze-on-the-go Peppers?

Always find yourself running around after the kids or grand-kids, picking at their leftovers but never quite have the time for a sit-down snack?

These sweet saviours are ideal for grazing on-the-go – slice, squeeze, skedaddle.

Great for weekend treats and parties. What’s not to love?

Graze-on-the-go Peppers: Party Food Ideas:

Graze-on-the-go Peppers: Party Food Ideas

How To Make A Graze-on-the-go Peppers:

Ingredients (makes 25):

  • 12 Mini Sweet Peppers
  • 150g of Primula Cheese, any flavour
  • Chives – left whole
  • Pitted olives, sliced into rings
  • Pickled gherkins, sliced
Graze-on-the-go Peppers: Party Food Ideas

How To Make:

  1. Slice mini peppers in half vertically and remove the seeds.
  2. Squeeze Primula cheese into the hollow.
  3. Sprinkle with chives, olives or pickled gherkins.
Graze-on-the-go Peppers: Party Food Ideas

What do you think about these Graze-on-the-go Peppers: Party Food Ideas?

Great snacking ideas, dinner sides and party treats. Everyone will love these.

Do you fancy making some? As always, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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*Recipe and recipe photography by Primula Cheese*

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Recipe and recipe photography by Primula Cheese

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