Brazillionaires Shortbread That Are Gluten, Dairy Free

Recipe and recipe photo by Meridian Foods

Brazillionaires Shortbread That Are Gluten, Dairy Free And Vegan.

How yummy!? One of my all-time favourite treats is Millionaires Shortbread. My Grandma used to make it me every Birthday, Christmas, Easter or just as a special treat because she knew how much I loved it.

I always try to make it my children as a special treat too as it is such a special treat. Family faves, chocolate millionaire bars, are given a Brazil nut twist.

Brazillionaires Shortbread That Are Gluten, Dairy Free Vegan

(Gluten + Dairy Free, Vegan).

How To Make Brazillionaires Shortbread:

Serves: 18

Takes: 15 minutes plus chilling

What You Need:

100g raw whole oats

100g ground almonds

2 tbsp agave nectar

70g coconut oil, melted

90g Meridian brazil nut butter

100g vegan chocolate

What You Do:

1.) Line a loaf tin or similarly sized Tupperware with greaseproof paper.

2.) Whizz the oats in a blender until they are a similar consistency to the ground almonds.

3.) Add the almonds and agave and whizz again, then add 2tbsp water and blend until the mixture starts to form clumps.

4.) Press the mixture into the prepared tin then freeze while you make the next layer.

5.) Melt the coconut oil and combine 50g with the brazil nut butter, spread it over the oat base and return to the freezer.

6.) Carefully melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of barely simmering water.

7.) Once completely melted, remove the bowl from the pan, stir in the remaining coconut oil and allow to cool for a few minutes.

8.) When the brazil nut layer has set pour the chocolate over the top and spread to the edges.

9.) Put in the fridge until everything is firm.

10.) Cut into bite-size pieces and serve. Keep in the fridge.

Brazillionaires Shortbread That Are Gluten, Dairy Free Vegan

*Recipe and recipe photo by Meridian Foods. No Payment was received* What do you think of this Brazillionaires Shortbread recipe? Fancy trying it? You can find lots more tasty Gluten-Free recipes here: Gluten Free Recipes.

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Recipe and recipe photo by Meridian Foods


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