Sunday Runday..


I have really been enjoying getting out running again this week.

Mollie my Border Collie puppy has not been to keen on letting me go out the door on my own though!!

It has been hard work giving myself a push out the door as feel so guilty going out without her. When I’m out and forgot about feeling guilty, I remember why I love running once I am out.

Oh well Mollie one day you will be able to come with me!!

Last week I found out that Asics had chosen me to be an August Ambassador!!

To share my thoughts on their trainers in the #PoundTheRoad campaign.

How exciting!!

I must say the indicate trainers are my most comfy trainer ever!!

Another review coming next week..

What better reason to get out the door than new running gear?

What I ran this week:

  • Monday : 2.05 miles
  • Tuesday : 1.50 miles
  • Wednesday : 3.33 miles
  • Thursday : 3.05 miles
  • Friday : Day off
  • Saturday : 2.85 miles
  • Sunday : 3.05 miles

Nice and slow miles. Building back up gradually. Ready to up the miles next week and maybe a little faster!?!

When I get home from running in the red hot sunshine I love to whiz up a smoothie. We made one of these this morning with 2 bananas, chocolate syrup peanut butter and milk, so thick and yummy!!

Also been trying to add more vegetables into my diet, even if some are fried!

I love the smell of onions cooking..

Clothes c/o Asics

Claire Justine
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