Ball Mason Jars Review And What I Think

Post Contains PR Samples.
Ball Mason Jars Review And What I Think

Β Ball Mason Jars Review And What I Think. Hello friends, so how are you today?

Β Last week I was sent these sweet Ball Mason jars to review. How sweet are these jars?

Post Contains PR Samples.

Ball Mason Jars Review And What I Think:

I am a big fan of making smoothies, salads or treats and serving them up in a glass jars. These will be perfect for serving my food and drinks in.

Ever since they arrived I can not stop using them. They are adorable.

Β I also want to start making my own jam and these with be perfect for making jam.

Ball Mason Jars Review And What I Think

So far I have used them for some cocktails, fruit salads, granola and fruit breakfast and next up I am making some yummy trifles in them.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some fun recipes I have already made and my new ideas that come along, to make up in them.

Don’t forget to pop back and keep a look out for them.

What I Think

As I am trying to be healthier I am thinking of making up nice salad in for snacking on through out the day.

This way it will help me to keep away from the biscuit tin.

Ball Mason Jars Review And What I Think

What To Use The For First?

These chunky glass Ball Mason jars are much more fun to using my old plain jar now.

They come with a cool logo on them and a fluid guide measure on the sides.

They also have a fresh preserving 2 parts lid on them. When it comes to preserving your jams and marmalade there’s nothing more important than a quality seal to keep it air tight and water tight.

This will ensure it keeps everything inside nice fresh.

How cool!?

Ball Mason Jars Review And What I Think

Inside the preserving jar set was 2 different jam setting mixes so I can have a go at making my own recipes up in my jars.

I am thinking Lemon curd and strawberry jam would be yummy.

Ball Mason Jars Review And What I Think

These jars will be perfect for our summer cocktails. I can picture it now, sat in the garden on a long warm summer night sipping yummy drink.


Ball Mason Jars Review And What I Think:

So how much fun are these jars!?! I love them and I think they will be very handy around the kitchen. I already have different plans for what I will be making in them, once they are empty of course.

About this post: I was sent a sample to review. All thoughts are my own. I was not paid for this post.

Thank you so much for supporting the brands that I work with.

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  1. We're going on an adventure
    4 April 2016 / 13:37

    They look gorgeous – I want to eat my breakfast out of a jar now! Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  2. 29 March 2016 / 12:12

    These are just gorgeous! So cute. Putting trifle or salad in them is such a great idea x

  3. Kate Fever
    29 March 2016 / 08:51

    I love this type of jar, they look great for so many different things! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. Coombe Mill
    29 March 2016 / 07:39

    Handy jars that look wonderful filled as you have. #TriedTested

  5. Morgan Prince
    26 March 2016 / 15:50

    These look great! I could do with some of them. Can I just ask what is the fruity thing? Is it jelly, jam, dessert? It looks lovely! xx#weekendbloghop

    • 26 March 2016 / 19:08

      Thanks Morgan, whoo it is a Spring/Summer cocktail with lots of fruit inside. The recipe is on my other blog Clairejustineoxox, if you want to see the post πŸ™‚

  6. Louise W
    22 March 2016 / 20:14

    These are so cute!! You could do vodka jelly shots in them!! πŸ˜€ They would also be fab for children's milk shakes and maybe doing jar of hot choc gifts at Christmas time. Thanks for linking up! It's nice to see Mollie over on the sidebar, I think she is how we first got talking over on instagram!! Thanks so much for linking up! #bigpinklink

    • 26 March 2016 / 19:04

      Thanks Louise, I love all your ideas too πŸ™‚ Thanks for hosting and stopping by…

  7. Margarett Murphy
    22 March 2016 / 18:13

    These jars look great.

  8. Catie: Imperfect Mum
    21 March 2016 / 11:20

    I've never used mason jars before so it was nice to read your ideas for using them. I like the sound of summer cocktails and as you said a good seal is so important. Thanks for sharing

    • 26 March 2016 / 19:00

      Aww, thank you Catie πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by ..