Diet Cheif Review Part 3…

A few weeks ago I started to trial the diet chef meals to see what I think of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. You can read the first couple of posts here part 1 and part 2 .

This week has been hard work trying to stick to a diet, as I have been away. So the diet chef meals have had to be put on the back burner.

Carrying around soup and dinners that need to be warmed up to consume when your out is virtually impossible. Staying away in a hotel where there is no where to warm the food up either.

Although I have been trying to stick to a calorie control and healthy treats. I did have the occasional bit of  fast food and sugary treats whilst away, I did supplement it with lots of  walking though!! 8 miles around the peak district and 13 miles a day around London!

Good news is the first week I lost 3 lbs in weight and even with eating my normal food this week I did not put the weight back on,,,yeahh!!

Here is some of the diet chef food I have manage to try this week-

A nice big bag of sweet popcorn, very good and only 111 calories, don’t mind if I do!!

Nice and very tasty minestrone soup…

Adding raspberries made my muesli breakfast very filling and supper tasty…

Lasagna was ok added a little cheese and lots of broccoli and cauliflower…

Cold tuna and rice salad was very filling, only use half on my chopped salad for lunch and it kept me full all afternoon…

Back on the diet today with a 6 miles run before breakfast and porridge with strawberries and I also chopped some fresh strawberries up and cooked them all together,yummy!!

Looking forward to Tikka Masala tonight for tea

About this review- I got sent a months supply for the purpose of these reviews. I have not been paid for this post and all thoughts are my own honest opinion.

Claire Justine
Claire Justine

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  1. Judy Haughton-James
    15 August 2013 / 11:05

    Everything looks so yummy! It is great to be eating such wonderful meals and keep one's weight in check Claire. All the very best to you.

    • Clairejustine oxox
      15 August 2013 / 16:00

      Thank you Judy, It is great having your meals planned out for you, I don't know where I am most days and calorie counted too!!

  2. Clairejustine oxox
    13 August 2013 / 18:46

    Thank you Dawn for your comment, wow I wish we could grow our own vegtables! must be amazing picking your own veg as and when you use it. I would say the diet would work out expensive when you only spend £20-00 a week the diet I got sent cost £350-00 a month. I will put all figures and thoughs on the diet in my last post next week. I dont see any aspartame in the last few treats I have left. We too are cutting this out but it seems to be in all soft drinks and my children dont like water on its own. We are also trying to cut out processed food but it will be a long time as it is in lots of thing too, if you do any recipe post on heathly food would love you to share with us at Creative Mondays…Thank you for stopping by x

    • Dawn Hart
      13 August 2013 / 19:33

      Check out if your local council has any free allotments you could use to grow your own veg, we keep pigs and chickens on ours too, but that would depend on your local bylaws. The waiting lists are not do long nowadays as people aren't allowed to hang on to them and not use them anymore, I had the choice of five plots.Those soft drinks are a pain aren't they! Took us months to stop using caffeine as both addicted to it and it's in do much **sigh**I discovered Creative Mondays when browsing your blog earlier and added a craft post, but I can certainly add some recipes, as soon I'll be bottling, pickling, jam making and freezing for the Winter months.Take care and look forward to your next Diet Chef post xxx

    • Clairejustine oxox
      13 August 2013 / 19:43

      Thanks Dawn will check them out, I look forward to reading your recipe posts. (I love to find and new recipes). Going to check out your craft post now roo x

    • Clairejustine oxox
      13 August 2013 / 20:14

      too not roo, arr my nails need cutting x

  3. Dawn Hart
    13 August 2013 / 16:53

    Firstly good luck with the weight loss.I've just read all three of your posts and I'm not convinced, although I need to lose weight. I don't like the idea of processed food, do the sweet treats contain Aspartame? It's a No No in our houseWe grow and eat our own vegetables and meat which see us through for the year. I spend very little shopping each week approx £20, so it would work out pretty expensive wouldn't it? I have to confess I've not checked their website.It does all look pretty tasty though, I will follow with interest.Good luck x