Mollie And The Squirrel: Mollie The Collie’s Diary

 Mollie And The Squirrel: Mollie The Collie’s Diary. That pesky squirrel, haha!! Hello friends, so how are you today? Happy Sunday. Today I am joining in with My Sunday Photo to share a photo I love.

This week, I love this picture of Mollie and the squirrel. She always has fun running after them. But I do not think she would know what to do if she ever got close to one.

Mollie is so gentle and I think she loves the chase. Bless her. They do wind her up because they run so much faster than she can. Well with all the twists and turns they do.

Mollie And The Squirrel: Mollie The Collie's Diary

Mollie And The Squirrel: Mollie The Collie’s Diary:

Look at her, bless her. Sneaking around and trying to be quiet. Look at the squrl too. I think he love the game as much as she does.

I think it is because she loves to chase anything that moves fast. She wants to round them up like a sheep dog would round up sheep. This photo reminds me of a scene from a pantomime. I felt like shouting to the squirrel “she’s behind you”.

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Mollie And The Squirrel: Mollie The Collie's Diary



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  1. Sherry Mackay
    30 October 2015 / 12:01

    fabulous photo of mollie. she is having fun. have you updated your page? i like the new photo of you:)

    • 1 November 2015 / 08:15

      Thank you Sherry, Yes I updated my blog look and added a more recent picture of me 🙂

  2. Lisa1970
    27 October 2015 / 18:45

    Love this photo; she's doing an excellent job of stalking her prey! 🙂

    • 1 November 2015 / 08:14

      Thanks Lisa, I don't know what she would do if she got close to one?

  3. pixiedusk
    27 October 2015 / 13:33

    Wow that squirrel's pose is just amazing! #mysundayphoto

  4. Donna Wirthlin
    26 October 2015 / 02:06

    Mollie is getting so big! I guess puppies grow up, too:).

    • 1 November 2015 / 08:13

      Thanks Donna, she has grown so quickly 🙂

  5. Ali
    25 October 2015 / 20:22

    wow, great timing. We only have shout squirrel to our dog and he goes bonkers! #mysundayphoto

  6. Brooke Neal
    25 October 2015 / 16:38

    Very fun photograph–lucky to have caught it perfectly.

  7. Sarah Christie
    25 October 2015 / 16:02

    Ha ha I just love this, the squirrel looks so comical hiding up there, and poor Mollie can clearly smell it but has no idea where to look x

    • 1 November 2015 / 08:08

      Ha, thanks Sarah 🙂 She is so funny to watch ..

  8. OneDad3Girls
    25 October 2015 / 15:19

    Great capture, a game of hide and seek Thank you for linking up

    • Clairejustine oxox
      1 November 2015 / 08:06

      Thanks for stopping by Darren 🙂

  9. Victoria Welton
    25 October 2015 / 14:13

    This is a fabulous image! It kind of looks like the scene from a cartoon 🙂 #mysundayphoto

    • 1 November 2015 / 08:03

      Hehe, yes it does Victoria 🙂 thanks for stopping by ..

  10. Kim Carberry
    25 October 2015 / 12:24

    hehehe! This made me chuckle! It looks like the squirrel is an expert at hiding.

  11. Kate Fever
    25 October 2015 / 08:36

    What a great photo, love how squirrels climb.

  12. Coombe Mill
    25 October 2015 / 08:31

    What a perfect place to be out for a morning walk for you both

  13. Kerri-Ann Hargreaves
    25 October 2015 / 07:31

    I love this. Such a gorgeous dog and look at that squirrel hiding! #mysundayphoto