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Roald Dahl Curtain Collection:Witches Review

Roald Dahl Curtain Collection: Roald Dahl Witches Patchwork Curtains Review.

Roald Dahl Curtain Collection: Roald Dahl Witches Patchwork Curtains Review. Hello friends.

Post contains PR sample.

Over the last few months; I’ve been very busy giving the house a makeover before Christmas.

First up I ripped out old kitchen cabinets and added new pine shelves. Which I then stained black. They felt like they took forever

Also, I have also given my daughters room a brand new makeover.

Roald Dahl Curtain Collection: Roald Dahl Witches Patchwork Curtains Review.

Roald Dahl Curtain Collection: Roald Dahl Witches Patchwork Curtains Review:

Before I started, her bedroom was painted baby pink and she was always stuck for room to move around.

Being the smallest room in the house she did not have much spare room to play in with her bed, wardrobe, shelves and drawers in.

Now she is at secondary school she needed plenty of space to do her homework.

It was a time she had a loft bed with a table underneath to create a bit more floor space.

Roald Dahl Curtain Collection: Roald Dahl Witches Patchwork Curtains Review.

Roald Dahl Curtain Collection:Witches Review:

She is growing up so quickly so I wanted a chance her bedroom into more of a grown up girls style room.

With more space for her to get some work done.

My Daughters Bedroom
Loves her teady bears
Roald Dahl Curtain Collection: Roald Dahl Witches Patchwork Curtains Review.
Bedroom makeover

We Wrote A List Of Essential Things We Need:

Lilac paint.

Patterned curtains 

High bed



A few weeks ago I was contacted by curtains.com who asked me to take a look at their Roald Dahl curtain Collection.

Roald Dahl Curtain Collection: Roald Dahl Witches Patchwork Curtains Review.

Roald Dahl Curtain Collection: Roald Dahl Witches Patchwork Curtains Review:

The whole collection is so adorable. There is something for children rooms to suit all ages.

As a fan of all the Roald Dahl books; I was very impressed with the collection. Lots of the patterns brought back fond memories of reading the book as a child myself.

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory has to be one of my all-time favourite stories.

I was kindly asked if I would like to review something from their website.

Perfect timing as I was looking for some new curtains for my daughter’s bedroom.

Roald Dahl Curtain Collection: Roald Dahl Witches Patchwork Curtains Review.

I first notice these curtain as the colours would match my daughter’s bedroom colour scheme perfectly.

I then realised these were from the film; The Witches.

One of the stories we also have on book and DVD.

We have watched it plenty of times over the years.

Yes, we still hide our faces behind the cushions when they remove their shoes and then their faces!! Eek!! 


About The Made To Measure Roald Dahl Witches Patchwork Curtains:

Entice your children’s imagination with these curtains inspired by Dahl’s Witches.

Curtain Fabric: 100% Cotton

Max Width: 500cm

Max Drop: 402cm

Pattern: Design

Colour: Purple

Collection By: Ashley Wilde

Crtains are sold in pairs.

Not individually sold.

Roald Dahl Curtain Collection: Roald Dahl Witches Patchwork Curtains Review.

All Made To Measure Curtains Are Available With A Choice Of Different Linings:

Standard Lining

Blackout Lining

Bonded Interlining

Thermal Lining

Bedroom curtains

Picking You Curtains From Them Is So Easy And Simply:

Step 1 |Choose A Single Or Pair of curtains of your choice

Step 2 | Choose a heading for your curtains. Do you want pencil pleats, double pinch pleats, triple pinch pleats, eyelets or tab tops?

Step 3 | Enter your measurements width and drop in cm 

Step 4 |  Choose a lining you prefer

Step 5 | Complete your look ( select how may pairs you would like to buy).

Delivery is usually around 3-4 weeks

From £89.00

You Can Also Pick Up Some Extra Things To Complete The Look:

curtain tie backs

What do you think of these Roald Dahl The Witches curtains?

Do you like my daughter’s new bedroom makeover? Still a bit small but plenty more room for her than before!!

About This Post:

I was sent these these curtains to review. All thoughts are my own.

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58 comments so far.

58 responses to “Roald Dahl Curtain Collection:Witches Review”

  1. Tamar SB says:

    It looks so fun and cheery!

  2. Lauretta C Wright says:

    What a lovely, bright and cheery room for your daughter. I actually wrote about the new Roald Dahl launch a while back – there are some lovely designs. It's a great accomplishment when you decorate isn't it?

    • Clairejustine oxox says:

      Thank you Lauretta, it is a lovely collection isn't it 🙂 I love her room now, still a little small but a lot better for her.

  3. Little B And Me says:

    These are absolutely beautiful curtains & this is coming from someone that hates curtains!!!So bright & pretty<3Thanks for showing them off xo

  4. Catherine @ Story Snug says:

    This bedroom looks beautiful. I absolutely love the curtains and I know that my daughter would too!#MMBC

  5. Please may I? says:

    These are so adorable. x x

  6. Dawn Lucy - Fashion Should Be Fun says:

    Super cute!OXOXDawn Lucyhttp://fashionshouldbefun.com

  7. Dean B says:

    T also loves Roald Dahl and we've just been to see Matilda in London over the weekend 🙂 Lovely curtains 🙂

  8. Heather{Our Life In a Click} says:

    Her room is adorable and I love those curtains!

  9. Fashion and Style Police says:

    Wow I love what you have done with the room. The curtains are a beauty.

  10. Five Little Doves says:

    I love these curtains! I saw them a while ago and I know my children would love them. The room looks fabulous!

  11. Jayne SMABL says:

    My little man loves Roald Dahl, we did a feature for Curtains.com too. The Roald Dahl range is awesome isn't it x

  12. Ella Ivoire says:

    What a lovely set of curtains really! I think it's really fun for kids rooms. I wished that they did Harry Potter ones as I know some kid *cough* me *cough* that would love it!

  13. Coombe Mill says:

    These are gorgeous and full of the magic of the characters. #TriedTested

  14. The Reading Residence says:

    Those curtains are fab! The room looks lovely 🙂

  15. mummyhereandthere says:

    They are gorgeous design X #mmbc

  16. Zena's Suitcase says:

    You've done a great job with the room, I love it and I bet she does too. I think the curtains are perfect too

  17. Notmyyearoff says:

    So beautiful. Her room is really lovely! And you've just reminded me they asked if I'd like to review something. I need to get in touch with them 🙂

  18. Louise Fairweather says:

    Her room looks lovely. I like the curtains #TriedTested

  19. ana de jesus says:

    I love the lilac scheme. I grew up reading Roald Dahl books and its great that you have chosen curtains with the iconic designs.

  20. Claire Hall - Tin Box Traveller says:

    These look wonderful. I love the colour scheme you chose. The curtains match beautifully. I expect your daughter is thrilled with her madeover room! #triedtested

  21. tots2travel says:

    Those curtains are fantastic. I loved The Witches as a child.

  22. Anosa Malanga says:

    Love that you made use of the small space in her room to create study area and the curtains are certainly cute

  23. Alina says:

    I had no idea they do curtains! It looks really cute and perfect for a kids room, looks good.

  24. Kitty & B says:

    I love this! I always had a lilac room when I was younger and my parents would take me to get my shade mixed exactly as I wanted it. I love Roald Dahl, so this would have been perfect for me. Those curtains are just fab! x

  25. Kara Guppy says:

    They are gorgeous – my son has the BFG bedding set to toying with getting him matching curtains

  26. MamaMummyMum says:

    These look fantastic, my eldest adores Roald Dahl, so much better than most of the other character bedding available! #PoCoLo

  27. Margarett Murphy says:

    These look so lovely. Such great books to making into curtains.

  28. Morgan Prince says:

    Love the curtains. I used to have the "box" room in our house when I was a teenager and there was never any room, it looks like you've made a great use of space in your daughter's room, Well done! Thanks for linking to #pocolo

  29. Stephanie Robinson says:

    I'm a big fan of patchwork so love these curtains. Agree it's important to have a space to call their own and one that meets their growing needs – I bet this is a big hit! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo x

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