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Robo Robin #hoodwinked2018

Robo Robin #hoodwinked2018. Happy Tuesday friends. Today I am sharing another Robin from the Hoodwinked Robin trail through Nottingham.

This is No.3, ‘Robo Robin’.

Robo Robin #hoodwinked2018

Yesterday we had another day shopping in Nottingham. This time we are no longer thinking of Summer clothes, it is back to school shopping.

My Daughter and I nipped into town so she could pick up a new Hype bag for school. She had spotted some in The Blue Banana shop and they had a great selection of colours to chose from. Trouble is which one to pick!! She needed a nice sensible colour but the lighter ones looked way to cool. Eventually, she chooses a suitable one for school that was colourful and practical.

It was really busy in town and all the mums were buying these bags. Must be the go school bag?

Robo Robin #hoodwinked2018

I managed to talk my Daughter into taking me a photo with Robo Robin. No. 3 on the Hoodwinked trail too. A quick pop into Boots for a meal deal and then we’re were done.

I am loving Boots meal deals as they do great meals for my Daughter who has Coeliac Disease and has to only eat gluten-free.

The best meal deal we have found anywhere. As she gets to pick a yummy fruity drink with this meal deal and not just water, plus her favourite crisps.

A happy Daughter= a happy me!!

Robo Robin #hoodwinked2018 Robo Robin #hoodwinked2018

Robo Robin #hoodwinked2018

WhatI Wore:

Robo Robin #hoodwinked2018

Hoodwinked 2018 Robin Trails in Nottingham:

1.) Royal Robin Redbreast, Carrington Street, Nottingham:

Royal Robin Redbreast #hoodwinked2018.

2.) Judge Robin, Station Street, Nottingham:

Judge Robin #hoodwinked2018.

Do you anything like these trails where you live?

To follow me on the trails more, why not follow me on Instagram? clairejustineoxox.

Off to Nottingham again today, this time buying school clothes.

Are you getting organised for back to school?

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40 responses to “Robo Robin #hoodwinked2018”

  1. SO fun! Chicago did this with cows when I was a child!

  2. Heather says:

    These trails look so cool!!

  3. mummabstylish says:

    How do you keep finding these super pieces in Primark! I need to get myself down there. Glad you found what your daughter wanted – I’ve been with my daughter buying school shoes for my princess. Brought back memories! So good that places are selling food that’s gluten free, as many people seem to be in the same position as your daughter. Enjoy the last days until she goes back Hun. x Jacqui Mummabstylish

    • Claire says:

      Thanks Jacqui. I do have to have a good look in Primark for weeks but then when I do see something I like, I grab it straight away. I think Gluten Free is getting better each week 🙂

  4. I love seeing pictures of these sculpture trails – I only know of one we have had in this area of France – horses as part of the World Equestrian Games when they were held here and we only managed to see a few before they took most of them down. Hopefully the French might take the lead from the UK and do some more over here too.

  5. Ruth says:

    Your skirt is so pretty and airy! I love that the breeze caught it in these pictures! I love searching for finds with my daughter like this!


  6. I love these trails! The robins are super cute

  7. Nancy says:

    I ask the same as Jacqui above! Do you have a other Primark there as the rest of the world? The only thing I ever find there are necklaces!

  8. Oh, we love our £3 meal deals when we are in the UK! The sandwiches and pasta are great and we get to eat salt and vinegar crisps, which we can’t find over here 🙂

  9. ChelseaMamma says:

    Loving these trails that pop up around the country. Robo robin made me chuckle

  10. We’re doing back to school shopping and I’ve had my eyes on a Hype bag too – great looking trail as well!

  11. This trail looks so fun! Must check it out!

  12. BattleMum says:

    The Robin Trail looks like so much fun. They’re so well decorated. And your outfit is fab. My only trouble is skirts like that are usually way too long for me as I’m on the short side.

  13. What a fab Robin Trail. Looks like fun. This reminds me of the Bee trail over here in Manchester city centre x

  14. I love your outfit here. The skirt is so stylish. I like the sandals you have on too.

  15. The Robin trail looks like so much fun for the whole family! I wish they did something like this where I live.

  16. Boo Roo and Tigger Too says:

    We have the GoGo Hare trail in Norwich at the moment which we are loving. The Robins look just as cute.

  17. This is such fun, what a great trail for the whole family to look for

  18. Such fun robin trails. These robo robins are really awesome to see. I bet you enjoyed it a lot. Great fashion by the way.

  19. Ahh I love these kinds of trails – I think they encourage you to explore your own town or city more which is only ever a good thing. How do you look so cool and stylish in each photo!? Amazing outfits!

  20. I love theRobin Hood trail. I’ve captured a few but I think I might take the girls into town again and try and find some more. Lovely outfits as always Claire

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