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Sunday~Runday~Funday: My Favourite Day Of The Week

Sunday~Runday~Funday: My Favourite Day Of The Week

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”

“For me its Get Fit Or Eat Pie Trying “

You know when you really want to get fit?

But just can not get back into it?

Well that!!

I have had a really bad year for exercise so I have joined back up at my favourite gym. Oh my, how my body fat has gone up 4% over the last few year!! or the few months not running!?!

The Good:

Getting back into fitness from Monday…

  • Monday- 45 minutes Zumba 1 hour yoga class 
  • Tuesday- 45 minute spinning class 
  • Wednesday- 1 hour gym 
  • Thursday- 1 hour body pump weights class 
  • Friday- (1 hour gym workout)~10 minutes ski machine, 10 minutes treadmill, 10 minutes rowing machine, 10 minutes treadmill, 10 minutes running machine, 10 minutes treadmill. 
  • Saturday- 2 miles run, 45 minutes spinning. 
  • Sunday- 2 miles run 45 minutes spinning.

Making me time…

Bike rides with mini me…

The Random:

Trying to give up cakes and biscuits is hard work when you have a sweet tooth.

Well nobody is perfect!?!

Are they!?!

Craving meat after a hard workout.

Fun family walks…

The Fun:

Strawberries being in season and know you can eat them without feeling guilty!!

Making fruit smoothies…

Early morning runs..


Getting body fat down from 25.91% to under 20%
Now how long would this take?

Getting back into fitness and a healthier lifestyle and sharing my post over at Tamar’s blog hop on Monday~

3 thoughts on “Sunday~Runday~Funday: My Favourite Day Of The Week

  1. Good in you, love! I find I am more energized with shaking up my gym routine in the summer. Helps to have more time since I'm off work! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Good for you for getting back into fitness, that's a lot of exercise in one week! I reckon you'll get that body fat down in no time with all of that.

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