We Are Off To See The Wizard In This Amazing Lift

We Are Off To See The Wizard In This Amazing Lift. Happy Wednesday, friends. So how are you today? All good?

Today I’m sharing a #waybackwednesday post from September 2021. Also, inspired to share as I got some Ruby Red Slippers for Christmas. You can see my Instagram Reel Here: Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore.

We Are Off To See The Wizard. The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz- Inspired by The Wizard Of Oz.

We Are Off To See The Wizard In This Amazing Lift

We Are Off To See The Wizard In This Amazing Lift:

I love this hotel that we stayed in in London, last year for our 25th wedding anniversary. Called The Ibis hotel in London, Southwark. Near Borough Market. It was such a beautiful movie-themed hotel. With a Wizard of Oz-themed lift, and a Chicago theme bedroom.

So, start off a 9 post story over on Instagram today. Sharing all things Wizard of Oz from the hotel to my new Ruby Slippers from Irregular Choice shoes. Click on profile in a few days for the full photo #9poststory #grid
Ruby red slipper inspired posts by Irregular Choice (see reel a few posts before) Claire Justine Oxox 🦁

Also, my Ruby Red Slippers: Ruby Red Slippers From The Wizard Of Oz. Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore ❤️ Hello friends, happy Tuesday. So how are you today? “There’s no place like home,” is there!? It’s a good job as we can’t go far!! Not with covid still around, anyway. Ruby Red Slippers From The Wizard Of Oz.

We Are Off To See The Wizard In This Amazing Lift:

Did You See This Guide? Irregular Choice Miss Piggy Shoes Guide: Love my Irregular choice shoes. The trouble is I do not often wear them often as they are usually too high to wear for long without my feet aching. I can not usually walk out too far in them, that’s for sure. These ones though are perfect and fit like a glove. I just wish I had somewhere to go and show them off 🙄 Irregular Choice Miss Piggy Shoes Guide.

Also, The Post Irregular Choice Miss Piggy Shoes. I have been thinking of buying some flat ones for a while now. Some that I can wear any time of the day. For as long as I want to, but I always go for a high heeled pair at the last minute.

I had my eyes on the flat Alice in Wonderland one but you do not often see them in the shoes and I like to try them on before I buy them to make sure they are comfy. When we went to Meadowhall last Saturday, Miss Piggy was calling me! Irregular Choice Miss Piggy Shoes.

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  • Firstly, 25th Wedding Anniversary And Swan Street Art. On Saturday we went to London for a few days to celebrate. We stayed in a cool hotel, which was movie-themed. It had a Chicago-themed bedroom. Wizard of Oz-themed lift and a beautiful Showtime-themed dining room where you could also help yourself to hot drinks at any time of day or night. 25th Wedding Anniversary And Swan Street Art. I remember our wedding like it was just yesterday. But it wasn’t yesterday, it was 25 years ago!! “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”
  • Secondly, Earrings Of The Day. Gold Colour Crystal Cream Flower Drop Earrings. Happy Wednesday. So how are you keeping? Lots of flu and colds going around at the minute, I am really trying to dodge them! Definitely, coat weather now, isn’t it? It was beautiful and warm on Saturday when we went to Nottingham. I was a bit hot in my big cold but I would rather be too hot than too cold. Come Sunday the weather changed. It has turned really cold!! Earrings Of The Day.
  • Thirdly, World Green Roof Day. As today is World Green Roof Day I thought I would share some photos that I took in Sky Garden last year. We love to visit Sky Garden when we are in London but at the minute as is harder to book when you are there as places are limited.  We must plan our trips better instead of deciding the day before that we are going to London the next day!! World Green Roof Day.

Fourthly, Lead You Through The Streets Of London:

  • I love London and today I am sharing some photos from our last visit to London in October 2020. Also, I love everything about our trips to London and can not wait to be able to travel again. Lead You Through The Streets Of London.
  • London Calling!! You’re Not Gonna Reach My Telephone Fifth, when we go anywhere I love taking photos. Especially in London. So many photo ops in London!! One thing I love as well as all the famous landmarks are red phone boxes!! Love them. Can not get enough of them. I always want to take photos of everyone but we are always in a rush. For example, we walked about 14 miles!! So not much time to take photos of them!! London Calling!! You’re Not Gonna Reach My Telephone.
  • Sixth, Where Did My Friday Feet Take Me This Week? London! Last but not least, you have to love converse!! Also, you can walk for miles in them and your feet never hurt. These were definitely my go-to pair of shoes for walking hours around London. I did go for my oldest and comfortable ones though. As you do! Plus they go with all my polka dot clothes perfectly. Where Did My Friday Feet Take Me This Week? London!
  • Rush Around London Taking Photos: Over 40 Travel Style. Last but not least, today I am sharing a few photos from our trip to London a few weeks ago. I love London and although we have only visited twice this year, I have taken 100’s of photos. The husband and I like to go down one day and stop the night. Spending 24 hours in London is so much fun. Rush Around London Taking Photos: Over 40 Travel Style.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

We Are Off To See The Wizard In This Amazing Lift
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  1. 7th January 2022 / 6:28 pm

    That is such a cool elevator! I hope you had a great holiday!

    • 10th January 2022 / 10:19 am

      Thanks Heather. It has been quiet but fun 🙂

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