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10 Things I’ve Learned From A 11 Week Old Sheepdog…

10 Things I’ve Learned From A 11 Week Old Sheepdog…

Some fun facts I’ve learnt from having a puppy..

  1.  People who have walked by you in the street for years and never spoke to you before now want to be friends. Strangers in the street will stop and talk. Most people will stop you to have a chat stop. 
  2. A 30 minute school run now takes over a hour.
  3. Little stones in the garden, look like pieces of dog food. Mollie now can not be left anywhere along! She tries to eat them. Free me time has now gone. 
  4. Maxi dresses are no longer the right dress code to wear. They are like a rip and tear game to her. See how long it takes to rip it.
  5. Going upstairs is like a game of catch me! See how long it take you mum for me to run and catch me!!
  6. She has just discovered she can bark! Loud too!! And tries it out alot!
  7. She loves to dig in the garden but nowhere I want her to dig!
  8. Playing fetch with the ball is now starting to be fun as she can bring the ball back, when she feels like it.
  9. If you have to go out in the day she whines so hard when you first leave and makes you feel so guilt. No trip to the gym again for me today!!
  10. When you arrive home, even just after 20 minutes later as you feel guilty staying out, she makes a fuss like you have been away years. Worth going out for!!

Now Mollie has had her second injection we can go walkie’s. Now this is going to be fun!!


6 responses to “10 Things I’ve Learned From A 11 Week Old Sheepdog…”

  1. Baby Isabella says:

    Woweee! It's nice that people now talk to you in the street! Such an ice breaker! What a cutie pie x #PoCoLo

  2. pixiedusk says:

    Haha I love the part where she learned she can bark =PFunny!#pocolo

  3. Victoria Welton says:

    It sounds a bit like having kids! SO cute 🙂 Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo x

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