I is for Ice Cream…

I  is for ice-cream! 

I am so looking forward to the school holidays. Family time. Days out. Beaches. Chill Time. Lots of ice-cream.

Claire Justine
Claire Justine

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  1. Jenny
    5 August 2015 / 22:40

    Ice cream!Yum!And such an incredible picture!Thanks for linking to the letter I.A+

  2. Su-sieee! Mac
    17 July 2015 / 00:59

    Here's to a wonderful summer and lots of ice cream. I could go for some ice cream right now. Yum.The View from the Top of the Ladder

  3. Rocky Mountain Woman
    16 July 2015 / 16:01

    I'd like some!!

  4. Gattina
    16 July 2015 / 08:39

    How cute, not exactly the day here in Brussels for an ice cream !

  5. Kezzie
    16 July 2015 / 07:02

    Ha, that's brilliant! I've got 5days left, can't wait!x

  6. Sarah
    16 July 2015 / 01:57

    Adorable! I'd love an ice cream about right now too!

  7. carol l mckenna
    15 July 2015 / 20:42

    Oh I love it ~ sweet shot of the cute little girl with all the ice cream on her face ~Happy Weekend to you,artmusedog and carol