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10 Tips For The Perfect Christmas Tablescape

10 Tips For The Perfect Christmas Tablescape. Hello friends. Are you hosting Christmas dinner at your house this year? 

10 Tips For The Perfect Christmas Tablescape:

Today I am sharing 10 tips on how to dress your table at Christmas time. Who does not love a beautifully filled table full of Christmas cheer?

How pretty is this table setting? I love everything about this table. from the lights to the sparkles from the flowers to the copper accessories.

1.) Add A Touch Of Glitter And Sparkle:

Why not add some of your favourite Christmas tree baubles to your Christmas table? Glass, mirrored or shiny ones with sparkles.

2.) Brighten Thing’s Up With Twinkle Lights:

Plain fairy lights add a beautiful and magical feel to the settings.

10 Tips For The Perfect Christmas Tablescape

3.) Add Different Coloured Wines And Drinks:

Let the wine flow!! Pick your colour setting and stick to a few colours that go together well. Why not pick your favourite colours?

Lilac and silver, red and gold? Pinks and purples?

4.) Add Fun Candles:

Tea lights and candles burning make the table shine and has a magical feel to it.

5.) Keep It Simple:

Do not over do it with coloured plates. Colour plates are beautiful with not many things on your table but keep things simple when you are filling your table at Christmas.

Whites ones are inexpensive, goes with most coloured accessories and blend in perfectly.

Keep your table looking calm and with not to many things on it. It can easily looked too crowded.

How sweet are the plates above with a little silver edging!?

10 Tips For The Perfect Christmas Tablescape:

10 Tips For The Perfect Christmas Tablescape

6.) Add Beads And Pearls:

How pretty do a few shiny beads look. I also like to add my imitation pearls to a table setting. They look so pretty.

7.) Add A Wine Decanter Or Two:

Wine decanters looks so pretty on a Christmas table.

8.) Add A White Table Cloth:

Plain white table clothes look beautiful on Christmas day. They remind me of snow!!

9.) Fresh Flowers:

Fresh flowers always look beautiful, especially roses to match your colour scheme.

10.) Add A Touch Of Glass:

Keeping colours simple and light add a touch of class.

10 Tips For The Perfect Christmas Tablescape

What are your tips on the perfect set Christmas table? Please share you comments below..

P.s this is not my Christmas table, but I sure wish it was !!


5 responses to “10 Tips For The Perfect Christmas Tablescape”

  1. Heather{Our Life In a Click} says:

    This is gorgeous and so festive!

  2. ana de jesus says:

    I like the idea of having pretty little table lights that sounds like a fab idea! Your photography is making me want to have a Christmas party!

  3. Stella Olojola says:

    Wow love the tips here and the photos look so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Rhian Westbury says:

    These tables look stunning, for us there's usually so much food on the table there's no room for anything else haha x

  5. Anosa Malanga says:

    These are some really awesome tips and the table looks amazing. I couldn't set a table like this to save my life lol

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