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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Happy Pet Day: Mollie The Border Collie...

Happy Wednesday lovely friends.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.

Also happy Pet Day to all of you who have a special pet in your lives. I have one special fur baby called Mollie. 

Do you have any adorable pet photos to share with us today?

 I will be starting The Wednesday Photo linky off soon.

Come and join us.

Today I am sharing a few photos of Mollie The Border Collie.

If you have stopped by my blog before you will already know my sweet dog called Mollie.

Mollie is a short haired Border Collie.

Mollie's happy place is at the park playing Frisbee.

She loves to play Frisbee and would stay at the park all day if I let her.

She never wants to come home.

She loves to eat, have cuddles and sneak up onto the sofa.

When she gets her own way she gives me a cheeky wink or sticks her tongue out at me.

She also likes to get in the way help out when I am building furniture up.

Such a help!



She can put on a great pose for the camera and make the cuties of faces.

She loves to pose for me.

She can also sulk and tantrum too.

When she goes for walkies and it is not where she wanted to go.

Or even if we forgot to take the Frisbee to the park she would run off and hide and act like a spoilt child.

She loves to sunbathe.

Apparently hugging the garden brush is fun.

Also, she can do a mean Lion King pose! 

Love this photo. 

Maybe one of my favourite photos of her.

This is my fur baby Mollie.

I wouldn't change a thing about her.

Oh wait, maybe I would change one thing!

Stop her trying to chase cars!!

Happy Pet Day 🐶

Why not stop by again soon and join us at The Wordless or not so Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop..



  1. I learned something today!
    Beautiful photos!
    Happy Pet day and Happy WW!

  2. Mollie is adorable!

    Happy Pet Day!

  3. Ive never had a dog and I envy your relationship with her. What a wonderful companion.


    1. Aww, thank you Deb. She is such a good dog :)

  4. Aww! Mollie is looking so contented and happy and still looks so cute heheh! :-)

    Have a happy petdaytastic day Claire :-)

  5. Happy Pet Day!! Mollie is soooo cute :)!

  6. Mollie is such a cutie and the star of your blog I think! ;)

  7. She is beautiful! You got some really awesome pictures.

  8. Aw, Mollie is adorable.

  9. Awwww HAPPY PET DAY! I didn't know it was Pet day, but I posted a picture of my Charlie today! I have a black lab and I got him from Petfinder, and we gave Charlie his "Forever Home" that is if he doesn't runaway! He likes to dart, but that was in the beginning, and now he's pretty much settled in. Your dog's pics are just too cool! Thanks for sharing! Love the Lion King one! ~hehehe~

  10. A pretty pup! Happy Pet Day!
    Thanks for linking up at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2018/04/bedtime-at-biltmore.html

  11. Mollie is a doll. My terrier mix Bailey knows which way HE wants to go on every walk. If I try to go a different way, he keeps stopping and trying to turn around. And I love him so much :).


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