3 Yummy Mug Cake Ideas: Homemade Cakes In Cups

3 Yummy Mug Cake Ideas: Homemade Cakes In Cups. Hello friends. I hope you are having a fun bank holiday weekend?

So where we live, we have a party going on. As we are in lock-down our local DJ’s play music every Sunday on a loud-speaker.

It is usually for 30 minutes but today we have a bank holiday special and it is lasting a lot longer. How cool!?

I am also nodding my head along to Jason Donovan as I type!! So much fun.

In need of a fun treat? If so, I have a fun post to share with you today. Cakes in mugs and cups, how fun? What’s not to like?

3 Yummy Mug Cake Ideas:  Homemade Cakes In Cups

*Recipe and photography above by Fairtrade*

3 Yummy Mug Cake Ideas: Homemade Cakes In Cups:

What is mug cake recipes? A mug cake is a cake made from scratch and cooked in a mug or cup. How fun?

1.) Fairtrade Coffee Shot ‘Cup’ Cakes: Firstly, how fun are these oven cooked cup-cakes in cups?

Bake Off winner 2013 Frances Quinn shares her Fairtrade Coffee Shot ‘Cup’ Cakes. Baked and served in take-away coffee cups, they will bring out your inner barista. Fairtrade Coffee Shot ‘Cup’ Cakes.

Can Mug Cake Be Made In Oven?

These ones can be baked in an oven.

3 Yummy Mug Cake Ideas:  Homemade Cakes In Cups
How To Make Elderflower Bakewell Mug Cakes Recipe and image courtesy of Belvoir Fruit Farms.

2.) How To Make Elderflower Bakewell Mug Cakes:

Secondly, celebrate the Elderflower Season with Belvoir and Lisa Faulkner.

From late May, the gentle hum of bees can be heard in the English hedgerows as they burst into flower with the frothy, lace-like blossoms of the elderflower offering a beautifully fragrant, pollen laden sanctuary for the humble bumble!

For centuries, the arrival of the elderflower has marked the start of summer; this ancient hedgerow plant is rich in mystery interwoven with the magic of fairies and folklore. How To Make Elderflower Bakewell Mug Cakes.

Do you like to make mug cakes? If so, what is your favourite flavour? Fancy trying any of these ideas here? Join the conversation and share your thought below. Hope you can stop by again soon.

Mug Cake For Four. This mug cake is to serve 4 but you could try and half the ingredients if you want to make 2 mug cakes. So easy too.

3 Yummy Mug Cake Ideas:  Homemade Cakes In Cups
Recipe and recipe photography: To view more recipes and products from the New Atkins Nutritional Approach, visit Atkins.

3.) Chocolate Mug Cake: Quick And Easy To Make Up:

Thirdly, so are you looking for a mid-week treat? Or maybe an idea for a quick lunchtime or after-dinner treat? Something just for 1.

Chocolate Mug Cake anyone? Chocolate Mug Cake: Quick And Easy To Make Up. This is a chocolate mug cake with egg.

Mug Cakes For One. This is a cup cake recipe for one but you can repeat the recipe to make more.

Mug Cake Using Almond Flour. This recipe uses almond flour instead of self raising flour.

So what do you think about these 3 Yummy Mug Cake Ideas: Homemade Cakes In Cups? Do you fancy trying any of these recipes?

Now I am off to pour myself a drink and have a little dance on my garden!! I might also make a cake!!

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3 Yummy Mug Cake Ideas: Homemade Cakes In Cups:

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3 Yummy Mug Cake Ideas: Homemade Cakes In Cups
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  1. 12 October 2023 / 06:38

    Delicious mug cake ideas! These quick and easy recipes are perfect for satisfying sweet cravings. A convenient way to enjoy homemade cakes in no time. Thanks for sharing these yummy treats!

    • 16 October 2023 / 21:01

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. 25 May 2020 / 12:00

    Yum! We do love mug cakes here. They are great when you want a sweet treat without any faffing about. x

    • 2 June 2020 / 08:34

      Thanks for stopping by Kim 🙂