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A Brownie And A Cup Of Tea Will Make Any Day Better

A Brownie And A Cup Of Tea Will Make Any Day Better. Hello friends. Happy Sunday. Christmas is nearly here. Are you starting to feel stressed?

A Brownie And A Cup Of Tea Will Make Any Day Better

A Brownie And A Cup Of Tea Will Make Any Day Better? 

I agree!? Sometimes it is just nice to sit down five minutes with a cup of tea and a brownie and just relax!! So today I thought I would share a few yummy brownie recipes with you:

1.) Blackberry And Hazelnut Brownies (How To Make):

Firstly, do you fancy making these Blackberry And Hazelnut Brownies How tasty!? Blackberry and Hazelnut Brownies By Laura Blake. Blackberry And Hazelnut Brownies (How To Make).

2.) Chocolate Brownies: Children’s Party Cakes:

Secondly, with 4 children its always like a party here, and that is just at dinner time.

Today’s guest post is how about trying some tasty Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies? Chocolate Brownies: Children’s Party Cakes.

3.) Chocolate Brownies With California Prunes:

Thirdly, how yummy!! Jazz up your brownies by adding prunes into them. What a fun idea? Chocolate Brownies With California Prunes.

4.) Brilliant Beetroot Chocolate Fudge Brownies How To Make:

Last but not least, Beetroot and chocolate go perfectly together. Did you know vinegar used to be added to eggless cakes during the war as a raising agent – so beetroot in malt vinegar is perfect for those sweet treats!

These are not as naughty as normal chocolate brownies, and you can be sure that you are all getting one of your five-a-day too, plus, they make PEREFECT school lunch box treats for the children. Brilliant Beetroot Chocolate Fudge Brownies How To Make.

I just fancy a cup of tea and a brownie now!! How about you?

A Brownie And A Cup Of Tea Will Make Any Day Better:

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6 responses to “A Brownie And A Cup Of Tea Will Make Any Day Better”

  1. Kezzie says:

    Phwoar!!! Send some over here please!!!x

  2. FABBY'S LIVING says:

    Hi Clairejustine!I love brownies and I am posting some too at my C'mas kitchen tour. Yours look wonderful in the pretty setting. I do wish I could go for a piece at your place. Mine are Fudge Brownies too.Merry Christmas dear.FABBY

  3. Winnie says:

    Oh I absolutely agree – brownies always make any day much much better!!Happy Christmas my friend 🙂

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