Ruby Tuesday: London Springs To Mind

Ruby Tuesday: London Springs To Mind & A Red Bus.

Hello friends, so how are you today? I am updating some old photos and post, then came across this old London post.

I adore the red busses in London so I thought I would update this post with some fresh red bus photos!!

Taken earlier this year. I love spotting all the different styles of red buses too.

Red buses are more than just a means of transit in the throbbing metropolis of London; they are a vital part of the city’s character.

Silent Sunday: It's All About The Blog!!

Ruby Tuesday: London Springs To Mind:

Ruby Tuesday: London Springs To Mind.

With their distinctive red colour, these recognisable double-decker buses have been cruising the capital’s cobblestone streets for years and years.

Ruby Tuesday: London Springs To Mind

Red buses are a representation of London’s rich history and contemporary liveliness, whether they are driving quickly along the River Thames or weaving through the West End’s cobblestone lanes.

What I Wore: Black Coat: Marisota | Dress: H&M | Handbag And Boots: Tu Clothing at Sainsbury’s.

Outfit of the day

Ruby Tuesday: London Springs To Mind.

Linking up with~ Ruby Tuesday Too, Create With Joy. So what do you think of this red bus? Cool, eh?

Last but not least, the original photo taken in 2015. Updated Post. First published in 20th January 2015.

Ruby Tuesday: London Springs To Mind

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Secondly, Teddy Coat And Lemon Skirt: A Few Red Telephone Boxes Chucked In For Good Measure! 

Monday the week before on my day off, my husband, son and I had a day out in London for my son’s 19th birthday.

I wanted to wear something nice for London but as it was an early start I didn’t want to get cold either.

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I love flowers and would have loved more time. My son’s girlfriend went and said it was amazing.

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Ruby Tuesday: London Springs To Mind

Ruby Tuesday: London Springs To Mind:

Ruby Tuesday: London Springs To Mind.

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  1. OrangeHeroMama
    21 January 2015 / 16:35

    LOVE double decker buses! We have one that does tours of the city here..(London, Ontario)

  2. The Quirky Homemaker
    21 January 2015 / 02:18

    Very cool. Will have to make it across the pond sometime to see it!

  3. Lilly's Mom
    21 January 2015 / 00:10

    London is one of my favorite cities! Lovely photo.

    • 24 January 2015 / 21:17

      Aww thanks, one of my favourite cities too.

  4. Ai Sakura
    20 January 2015 / 22:20

    Love the red London buses. So iconic!

  5. Jay CraftySpices
    20 January 2015 / 13:45

    I really like these type of buses, there are a few cities that are trying to bring them back and use them as tour buses.Have a lovely day!

  6. pixiedusk
    20 January 2015 / 10:14

    Its like a blast from the past =)

  7. Kalpanaa Misra
    20 January 2015 / 06:05

    If you blog from London and link to Ruby Tuesday – then it has to be one of these red buses. Delighted to see it. Cheers

  8. innergybeauty
    20 January 2015 / 02:32

    It's been 4yrs since I stopped blogging. And nice to be back again and see beautiful posts like yours. Happy Tuesday!

  9. Gemma Wiseman
    19 January 2015 / 19:10

    Always associate red double-decker buses with London. A beautiful icon.

  10. Annie
    19 January 2015 / 17:26

    I love these buses. They are always guaranteed to raise a smile and lift my heart.