The Ladybirds Have Moved In: Weekend Blog Hop

The Ladybirds Have Moved In: Weekend Blog Hop. Hello friends. so how are you today?

Happy Friday and welcome to this weeks Weekend Blog Hop.

The Ladybirds Have Moved In: Weekend Blog Hop

 The Ladybirds Have Moved In: Weekend Blog Hop:

Spring is almost here and we have had some beautiful sunny days here this week. Also, a few cold ones to remind us that Winter has not quite finished too.

The ladybirds have moved in. Or should I say, moved in a while ago and hibernated for Winter?

I mentioned a few weeks ago we found some in the bedroom. On our bed. I felt on crawling on my hand in the night. Then a few on the bedroom floor. Now we have found them hiding in the light-bulbs.

Those energy efficient ones look like are the perfect hiding place for them. 8 of them huddled together. I wonder if they could be hiding anywhere else.

Don’t get me wrong, I think they are sweet. Who else gets to walk around all day in a beautiful red polka dot coat!?

Two of my favourite things. The colour red and polka dot prints. I don’t want them in the house, though.

Apparently, females can lay over a thousand eggs in a lifetime. Ekk I hope they have not laid any in the house. Also, because they are small you could have hundreds hidden away in a small place. Errr…

Have you ever had more than a few ladybirds in your house?

Hidden away anywhere warm? Please let me know so I can have a good look around for anymore.

The Ladybirds Have Moved In: Weekend Blog Hop

The Ladybirds Have Moved In: Weekend Blog Hop:

Moving on. Let’s get ready to party!!

Grab yourself a nice warm drink and join me at the weekend blog hop. Are you ready to find some new blogs to read, follow or comment on?

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The Ladybirds Have Moved In: Weekend Blog Hop
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  1. Paula Rockwell
    18 March 2017 / 18:41

    I've never had a ladybug problem..I guess you can think of it as it could be a really yucky kind of bug infestation rather than cute ladybugs 😉 Thank you for hosting and for sharing with my party as well!!

  2. Mother of 3
    18 March 2017 / 12:27

    We're finding lots of ladybugs around too; we always have them in droves come spring.. they don't usually "bug" me but I had no idea what one ladybug could hatch so many eggs! Yikes!

  3. csuhpat1
    17 March 2017 / 15:00

    Thanks for hosting. And I have never had any in my house.

    • 18 March 2017 / 11:42

      Thanks for stopping by Patrick 🙂

  4. Impulsive Artistry - Artist Charles Wolf
    17 March 2017 / 14:43

    Thanks for hosting! : )

  5. J. Elle
    17 March 2017 / 14:12

    Oh, I love Ladybugs! However, I don't want them invading my home. I hope you find a solution before they take over. Have a wonderful weekend!

    • 18 March 2017 / 11:41

      Thanks lovely. I am hoping I don't find anymore.

  6. 17 March 2017 / 13:04

    Oh no, Claire! I have had infestations of them more than once! And it is awful. So when I spot just one in my house, I start freaking out a little bit. They may be cute in their little red polka dot coats, but I cannot stand the little buggers. It borders on phobia for me! Hopefully, you can find the source and head it off before it gets too bad. I am, however, quite jealous that you are having Spring weather!Shelbee

    • 18 March 2017 / 11:22

      Oh no Shelbee, I can imagine how it makes you feel. I am hoping there is no more. Having a Spring clean today!

  7. Tamar SB
    17 March 2017 / 09:07

    A sign of spring! Have a lovely weekend!

    • 18 March 2017 / 11:19

      Ha, yep it sure is 🙂 Thanks Tamar.

  8. 17 March 2017 / 07:09

    I hope you find where they are coming from Claire! I had a wasp nest in my loft once! Imagine! Hope your weekend is good xx

    • 18 March 2017 / 11:17

      Thanks Laurie, have a lovely weekend 🙂