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Warmed Eggnog Or A Hot Buttered Rum? Tasty!!

Warmed Eggnog Or A Hot Buttered Rum? Tasty!!

Hello friends, fancy a Christmas cocktail recipe?

Warmed Eggnog Or A Hot Buttered Rum?

Which would you choose?

I love cocktails, especially around Christmas.

Warmed Eggnog Or A Hot Buttered Rum? Tasty!!

Tom Jolly, Head Barman at The Montcalm Hotel
Warmed Eggnog

Warmed Eggnog:
Ingredients (for one)

1 Egg Yolk (25ml pasteurised egg yolk)

½ a vanilla pod

2 tea spoons of white sugar

40ml of Bombay sapphire

150ml Steamed milk

Grated nutmeg

1 Grind of salt


1.) Steam milk as you would for a latte.

2.) To steamed milk and egg yolk, grind of salt (to break down egg), white sugar and ½ a split vanilla pod.

3.) Then Whisk with a fork thoroughly.

4.) Into a Latte Glass/Toddy glass pour your gin then top with Eggnog mix.

5.) Garnish with grated nutmeg and Xmas Wishes.

Hot Buttered Rum 

Hot Buttered Rum:

2 Table Spoons of butter

2 Table Spoons of brown sugar

Pinch of cinnamon

Pinch of nutmeg

40 ml Bacardi 8 or Bacardi oro Rum

Almost boiling water


1.) Mix butter, sugar, and spices (optional and can use which ever you like) until you have a paste.

2.) Put into a suitable cup or mug add the Rum and Butter mix.

3.) Top with hot water.

4.) Stir and serve.

Warmed Eggnog Or A Hot Buttered Rum? Tasty!!

Warmed Eggnog Or A Hot Buttered Rum? Tasty!!

What do you think bout these recipes?

Recipe and photo credit by- Tom Jolly, Head Barman at The Montcalm Hotel –Montcalm.

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