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Macadamia And Raspberry Goldies

Macadamia And Raspberry Goldies.

Hello. Are you children back to school now? Ours are.

Now it is back to school week are you looking for lunch box treat ideas?

Are you looking for some yummy snack treat recipes?

If so, how about making some of these Macadamia and Raspberry Goldies? Perfect for snacks or lunch box treats! So tasty.

These soft squidgy bars are the golden equivalent of brownies with yummy raspberries in them.

Macadamia And Raspberry Goldies

How To Make Macadamia And Raspberry Goldies:

Serves: 9

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 25 minutes

What You Need:

125g slightly salted butter

200g white chocolate, chopped

4 tbsp Meridian macadamia nut butter

2 eggs

100g coconut sugar

130g plain flour

120g raspberries

Macadamia And Raspberry Goldies
Macadamia And Raspberry Goldies

What You Do:

1.) Heat the oven to 170C and line a 20cm x 20cm brownie tin with greaseproof paper. In a pan, melt the butter and cook on a low heat for 5 mins until the white solids start to turn golden. Pour into a cold bowl then add half of the chocolate and 3tbsp of the nut butter and stir till melted.

2.) In a separate bowl whisk together the eggs and coconut sugar until they are thick and foamy. Sieve in the flour and add the chocolatey butter and fold in with a spatula until smooth.

3.) Add the remaining chocolate and the raspberries and stir briefly. Pour the mixture into the tin then drizzle the remaining Macadamia Nut Butter over the top and briefly swirl with a skewer or tip of a knife. Bake for 20-25 mins.

4.) The goldies are done when they have a light golden crust but are still a little squidgy inside. Allow to cool in the tin before cutting into squares.

Macadamia And Raspberry Goldies

Macadamia And Raspberry Goldies.

Recipe and recipe photo by Meridian Foods. No Payment was received.

What do you think of these Macadamia And Raspberry Goldies? Fancy making some up? lemme know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Heather{Our Life In a Click} says:

    These look SO yummy! I love fresh raspberries!

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