My Halloween Witch Outfit: I Put A Spell On You

My Halloween Witch Outfit: I Put A Spell On You 🧙‍♀️. Hello friends, happy Tuesday. So how are you today?

Are you a fan of Halloween?

My children all loved Halloween when they were younger. But as they got older no more trick or treating and no more parties. So on Saturday, we had a Halloween party. All adults now. Just for the fun of it.

I Put A Spell On You

My Halloween Witch Outfit: I Put A Spell On You:

Can you now guess who I was trying to be? Can you guess which movie my homemade witch costume was inspired from?

I put a spell on you. Because you’re mine….

The first movie was released in October 1993 and the second movie was released in September 2022.  

My Halloween Witch Outfit: I Put A Spell On You:

Yes, Sarah Sanderson one of the Sanderson Sisters, from Hocus Pocus 2. (Sarah Jessica Parker).

So I based my outfit on Sarah Jessica Parker from the movie Hocus Pocus 2. I didn’t have a burgundy dress but I think the wig was pretty much spot on.

My Halloween Witch Outfit: I Put A Spell On You

Also, I am a big Sarah Jessica Parker fan and love all of The Sex And The City series and Just Like That. So Sarah was the most likely one for me to be.

My Halloween Witch Outfit: I Put A Spell On You

Witch Halloween Costume: What I Wore: Witches Hat: Poundland | Wig: Borrowed from my daughter (originally from Amazon) | Dress: H&M | Fisher-net Tights: Poundland’s Halloween Range | Shoes: Pinched From My Daughter

These tights were amazing too. I usually struggle with long tights. As they are never long enough. These came up to my armpits! I must check out if they have any more!

We had a fun-packed family weekend. All 3 of my sons came home for the weekend and the eldest sons brought home their girlfriends.

So it was busy, busy.

Everyone came home so we could have a Halloween party. Mostly to celebrate my eldest son becoming a fully qualified chartered accountant.

How amazing!!

My Halloween Witch Outfit: I Put A Spell On You:

See My Instagram Reel Here: I Put A Spell On You. Halloween party at the weekend with all the family home. Tired out now and could do with a few more days off work to recover 😂.

I Put A Spell On You.

I really wish I had remembered this recipe below. Wouldn’t it have been perfect!?

Witches' Hats And Broomsticks: Halloween Fun.
Recipe c/o Waitrose & Partners

Witches’ Hats And Broomsticks: Halloween Fun. Halloween: Witches’ Hats And Broomsticks Fun. Hello, buddies.

This Halloween, how about constructing some witches’ hats and broomsticks? How frightening! Happy Afternoon. Do you need some Halloween ideas for this week?

If so, why not try preparing any of these enjoyable desserts?

Making these would be a blast for kids. Such a blast! Broomsticks and witches’ hats: How about making some of these for Halloween?

As I am certain that my daughters will enjoy making these.

Liquorice Catherine wheels should be disassembled before being cut into 4-5 cm-wide strips with kitchen shears.

Place over the end of a Mikado milk chocolate stick, and secure with a single, lengthy strip of liquorice. What do you make of these, then?

Would you like to create some? Post your thoughts below. Witches’ Hats And Broomsticks: Halloween Fun.

All in all, we all had a great weekend. A visit to the pumpkin farm also on Saturday and a big cooked Sunday dinner.

So how was your weekend? Are you having a Halloween party this weekend? It is my weekend to work so last weekend was perfect for us.

My Halloween Witch Outfit: I Put A Spell On You:

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The wig looked real as my hair was almost the same as a few years ago:

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The second outfit that I picked out first. I picked this outfit based on these beautiful red shoes.

Also, I thought the black PVC, sparkly sequins, and faux fur all went together great with the red stilettos. I love this outfit.

Sandy From Grease Look: Your The One That I Want. When my husband saw the pictures he said “Your outfit looks like the one Sandy wore in Grease at the end!!” 

I quickly Googled Sandy to look at her outfit and it is very alike!! Then I replied back “Tell me about it stud!! Lol. Sandy From Grease Look: You’re The One That I.

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Secondly, Elsa From Frozen Fancy Dress: Over 40 Party Ideas. It is not every day you get the chance to dress up and have fun, is it?

Mini-me turned 15 today. Oh my, where have the years gone!? So we made the most of it and what beautiful weather we had too. Do you want to build a snowman? 

No.. it’s er Summer 😁. Another lockdown birthday. So we all had fun dressing up with what things we already owned. I borrowed my daughter’s beautiful light blue dress and dressed up as Elsa from Frozen. 

Winner winner, chicken dinner!! My son who lives away and can’t get home voted me as the winner too 💕 Elsa From Frozen Fancy Dress: Over 40 Party Ideas. So much fun to do.

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So, I also hope you found today’s article interesting. You can also share your thoughts in the comments box below if you’d like. I’m hoping you’ll be able to see us again soon.

My Halloween Witch Outfit: I Put A Spell On You.

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My Halloween Witch Outfit: I Put A Spell On You
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  1. 30 October 2022 / 07:28

    The dressing up is fun isn’t it! My Halloween post tomorrow features a broomstick from Tesco! Thanks for linking

    • 4 November 2022 / 18:39

      Thanks for stopping by and hosting the link up Gail 🙂

  2. 28 October 2022 / 11:49

    Unfortunately, my husband isn’t in the slightest bit interested in dressing up for Halloween, which is a bummer because I love doing that sort of thing! You outfit is perfection, simply because I adore Hocus Pocus, it’s one of my all time favourite movies (I’ve always been into witches and magic and stuff lol. My absolute favourite film is Practical Magic with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock), and the sequel is absolutely brilliant! In fact, I might watch it again this weekend!
    Big hugs to you, Claire! And Happy Halloween!
    Suzy xx

    • 29 October 2022 / 14:13

      Hi Suzy, whoo I don’t think I have seen Practical Magic. I must look out for it as I love magic and witches films too. Thanks so much for the lovely comment 🙂

  3. Joanne
    27 October 2022 / 22:57

    You look wonderful!

  4. 26 October 2022 / 13:07

    Great witch outfit! It’s super cute too!

  5. 26 October 2022 / 11:44

    I adore you pretty witch costume! The polka dot dress is lovely.

  6. Lovely
    26 October 2022 / 08:08

    Love your costume, and these treats look fun.

  7. 26 October 2022 / 07:02

    Oh how I love Halloween! And you look fabulous. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me.

    • 29 October 2022 / 14:10

      Thanks Nancy. So much fun 🙂

  8. Patrick Weseman
    25 October 2022 / 22:23

    Looking so very nice.