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West Somerset Railway: What I Wore

West Somerset Railway: What I Wore. Hello again. Two fashion posts in one day!!

Aww yeap, I am catching up from my holidays. So many half finished blog posts to finish. So little time!!

West Somerset Railway

West Somerset Railway: What I Wore:

I really do need to get organised more now the children are back to school.

Today I am sharing some outfit pictures taken at West Somerset Railway in Minehead when we went away on holiday last week. Full steam ahead!!

West Somerset Railway

Chillies on my dress and flowers on the floor. Interesting combination.

West Somerset Railway

Me and my Daughter had a little fun. Hearts all around.

West Somerset Railway

How cool are the old trains in the background?

West Somerset Railway
West Somerset Railway

West Somerset Railway: What I Wore:

Hopefully now, after my Daughter has been diagnosed as having Coeliac Disease we are a step closer to finding out more about the white mark on her leg.

Last weekend was tough, running around for last minute back to school things and trying to find Gluten Free foods. We have had a up and down week.

Living With Coeliac:

Not for my Daughter though, she is happy with what food I make her still. Well almost.

If she does not like something she tries to leave it without saying a word as she knows how much more expensive gluten-free foods cost us. At the minute everything is trial and error.

At first, it was all new and she has her own cereal, bread, crisps and pasta but now I think the newness is wearing off.

She didn’t care for porridge before finding out but was happy to try it now but still not a fan so she left her Gluten-free one yesterday and went to school saying she was full.

She is not keen on the brown bread as it breaks up into her school bag and makes her feel sick.

She doesn’t like the pasta cold like she does her usual one as it swells up and looks all grey overnight in the fridge.

Even though this is happening, she hasn’t moaned about it. I just hope she will get used to it very, very soon.

Making Meal More Fun:

I think I will have to make the oats more exciting. Give the pasta a bit more of a makeover and hope they bread will keep together better in a box instead of a food bag. Watch this space.

Then towards the end of the week, we have a light at the end of the tunnel.

This week I found Gluten Free cornflakes, Gluten Free white bread that she likes, Gluten Free pasta that keeps well after cooking and today I found her, her favourite cake; Gluten Free carrot cake.

So all is good today!!

West Somerset Railway
West Somerset Railway

Tough Changes In A Childs Life:

I do feel for her though, it is such a tough change.

I have tried most of her new foods and they do taste a lot different to what I am used too.

West Somerset Railway
over 40 style

West Somerset Railway: What I Wore:

Dress: Primark

Cardigan: c/o Bonmarché

Bag: c/o George at Asda

Shoes: c/o Strive

Love my Daughter

We are getting there. Slowly but surely.

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4 responses to “West Somerset Railway: What I Wore”

  1. Heather{Our Life In a Click} says:

    I feel the same way, catching up and feeling behind with blogging! Love your photos of you and your daughter. It sounds like you are moving in a positive direction with her new diet restrictions. I'm sure it's a lot of trial and error to see what she likes and doesn't like. Have a great weekend. I know I'm ready for it after our first week of school!

  2. Rebecca Young says:

    The West Somerset Railway – you were so close to where I live!!We love riding on the line and it is so busy at the moment as they have the Flying Scotsman there.I love your dressRebecca

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