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Baked Eggnog Cheesecake, Ginger And Maple Crust

Baked Eggnog Cheesecake, Ginger And Maple Crust.

Today I have a beautiful looking and very tasty recipe to share with you.

Fancy making a Baked Eggnog Cheesecake, with a Ginger And Maple Crust?

A cheesecake would be perfect for any Christmas celebrations you have coming up.

I love cheesecakes.

This cheesecake has a tasty gingerbread biscuit base combined together with maple syrup and butter, how yummy.

Also eggnog and rum in the topping.

You can also add some berries or fruit on the very top of your choice.

Baked Eggnog Cheesecake, Ginger And Maple Crust

Cheesecakes are one of my favourite treats alone side brownies, how yummy!!

I could eat them every day if my husband would let me!!

Baked Eggnog Cheesecake, Ginger And Maple Crust

How To Make Baked Eggnog Cheesecake, Ginger And Maple Crust:


Baked Eggnog Cheesecake, Ginger And Maple Crust


  1. Pre heat oven to 180ºC.
  2. Combine Serves 8-10 crushed biscuits, maple syrup and butter in a bowl and then press into a 9-inch spring mould.
  3. Bake for 10-12 mins until golden. Leave to cool.
  4. Blend the cream cheese, maple sugar, eggnog, rum, nutmeg and eggs.
  5. Fold flour to finish.
  6. Pour mixture into the pre-baked crust and bake for 40-50 mins.
  7. Remove from oven, loosen cake rim, cool and remove cake ring.
  8. Refrigerate for at least two hours before serving.
  9. Serve with seasonal fruits or a topping of your choice.

Baked Eggnog Cheesecake, Ginger And Maple Crust

Top Tips:

  1. For an alternative, all year round cheesecake base, lime and orange is perfect for summertime, or try rum and raisin for an autumnal flavour.
  2. Add some fruit purée or maple ice cream to complement the cheesecake.

Baked Eggnog Cheesecake, Ginger And Maple Crust

Baked Eggnog Cheesecake, Ginger And Maple Crust Recipe c/o We Love Maple.

Baked Eggnog Cheesecake, Ginger And Maple Crust

What do you think, fancy making this Baked Eggnog Cheesecake, Ginger And Maple Crust?

What is your all-time favourite treat?

This one sounds delicious, now I can not wait to make one myself.

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26 comments so far.

26 responses to “Baked Eggnog Cheesecake, Ginger And Maple Crust”

  1. Zena's Suitcase says:

    It looks and sounds absolutely amazing. I have to admit cheesecake is one of my favourite Christmas treats

  2. Newcastle Family Life says:

    Oh this looks amazing! I have never actually tried Eggnog before xx

  3. Sarah Bell says:

    This look and sounds sooo delicious! My husband would LOVE it! Thanks for sharing :)Sarah BellTrendy & Tidy

  4. Jenni says:

    I've never tried eggnog before but this looks divine!x

  5. Jon says:

    Going to have to give this a go! It's look amazing and the perfect Christmas treat!

  6. Catherine says:

    My mouth is watering after reading this post. Your photos are absolutely stunning too!#MMBC

  7. Tamar SB says:

    That looks so tasty! Thanks for linking up!

  8. Lisa says:

    That looks absolutely amazing, it's lucky you can't smell it over the internet, or my mouth would be watering.#MMBC x

  9. Gayle - venturesinphotos says:

    Tasty I'm sure.

  10. Evelina says:

    Oh my! Festive season perfection!

  11. Talya says:

    You had me at cheesecake but what an amazing sound festive creation!

  12. Molly says:

    Wow, that sounds AMAZINGMollyxxx

  13. Mellissa Williams says:

    How yummy does this look, cheesecake is a favourite of mine, and the egg nog makes it super festive

  14. Kim Carberry says:

    I am not usually a fan of cheesecake but this sounds and looks amazing! 😀

  15. Alina says:

    I love the look of this and really want to try it out! The photography is great too.

  16. Dean B says:

    Oh yes, please! I wish I was baking goddess like you. Everything just looks beautiful and delicious 😉

  17. kristin mccarthy says:

    Pinning this. Dont know if I can pull it off..but maybe a Christmas miracle will appear.

  18. Five Little Doves says:

    Oh wow, I LOVE cheesecake and this looks amazing! My husband would love me to dish this up, it's his favourite dessert! #MMBC

  19. Gillena Cox says:

    YUM YUM!!!much love…

  20. Jess says:

    Wow…this sounds so tasty!I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks. Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  21. Jayne SMABL says:

    This looks amazing! Will have to give it a try as my hubby loves it 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up to #MMBC. Hope to see you tomorrow xx

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