Upcycled Halloween Costume: Creative Monday

Upcycled Halloween Costume. Happy Monday everyone.

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Table Of Contents:

  • Firstly, Upcycled Halloween Costume From 3 Old Dresses.
  • Secondly, Some Recipe Ideas.

Upcycled Halloween Costume:

I am always one for leaving things until the last minute. When my daughter tried her old Halloween costumes on Saturday morning they did not fit.

Eek!! Don’t worry I said, we will think of something.

‘Rushes around and panics’ Thinking cap on!!

I went into the garage and find out all the old costumes she had collected over the years. Then I thought of an idea. ” Lets up-cycled the old ones and make one dress that fits you”

She looked a little puzzled but let me work my magic on them!!

Upcycled Halloween Costume:

The 3 Old Costumes I Used.

The End Result: Nice and long too/ Even long enough to wear next year!! 

Upcycled Halloween Costume:
Upcycled Halloween Costume:

So what do you think of this upcycled Halloween costume?

I cut the arms off on costume to make arm warmers too. My daughter admitted after, I thought you were going to make a complete mess of it!! “She said” You did great, it is the best I have ever had because it is all my Halloween costumes in one. Pictured below 5 years ago when she first had one of the dresses:

Upcycled Halloween Costume:

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  1. Karen Bell
    4 November 2015 / 12:55

    That's fantastic, very creative, I'm not sure I would have done as good a job as you. #Trash2Treasure

  2. robin lorraine williamson
    3 November 2015 / 20:42

    thanks for the party the costume looked so adorable have a great week zen hugs and frankies says purrs

  3. Jill Shepherd
    3 November 2015 / 19:57

    Brilliant Upcycled Costume Claire!!! Thanks for hosting once again. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. Create With Joy
    3 November 2015 / 19:42

    Thanks for hosting – have an amazing week! 🙂

  5. Coombe Mill
    3 November 2015 / 15:24

    Quite Brilliant, I think I like the new version better than the original, though it is lovely to have it as a point of comparison. A great use of something you would have had to pass on or throw away. Thank you for hosting Creative Mondays and for joining me for Trash2Treasure

  6. Darlene Nemeth
    3 November 2015 / 05:46

    Just wanted to thank you for hosting another fantastic party. So much to read so little time. LOL. I hope you get a chance to check out our Creative Challenge Link Party. Best wishes, Darlene

  7. Midnight Cowgirl
    2 November 2015 / 23:26

    What a great costume! Love the way you put the old costumes together to form a new one 🙂

  8. JOY @ http://joysjotsshots.blogspot.com/
    2 November 2015 / 22:57

    Thank-you for hosting! I know it takes a lot of your time.

  9. J. Elle
    2 November 2015 / 19:50

    Oh, you did a wonderful job on transforming your daughter's costumes! So cute seeing the original look, too.

    • 7 November 2015 / 21:10

      Thanks 🙂 I can't believe it we brought it her 5 years ago…

  10. Margarett Murphy
    2 November 2015 / 19:36

    Great costume !! your are creative !!!

  11. Jenn
    2 November 2015 / 18:16

    Well done, her costume looks fantastic!

    • 5 November 2015 / 22:13

      Aww thank you Jenn, so glad she loved it 🙂

  12. Chelsea Davis
    2 November 2015 / 17:08

    What a fun way to use up old costumes to make the best one ever!! Love it. So clever. Xo Chelsea

  13. Leelo R
    2 November 2015 / 16:47

    Wow! What a wonderful idea and clever idea! I love the result!Beauty by Miss L Weekly Fashion Link Up! 

  14. Julie's Lifestyle
    2 November 2015 / 14:37

    Thanks for hosting the fun party Claire.The kids costumes are so nice and they are getting BIG! Time goes so fast.Have a nice week.Julie xo

    • 3 November 2015 / 21:23

      Thanks Julie, it is amazing how quickly they grow 🙁

  15. Rebecca
    2 November 2015 / 13:40

    Wow that's so great for the environment – have a great week Claire!Rebeccawww.redtagchiclosangeles.com

  16. Elegance and Mommyhood
    2 November 2015 / 13:25

    You did a great job with the upcycled DIY costumes. The kids look great.

  17. Mica T
    2 November 2015 / 11:48

    How clever to combine all of the too-small costumes to make a new one! :)Hope your kids had fun tick or treating!Away From The Blue Blog

    2 November 2015 / 10:04

    I love your blonde hair.Great link up, dear Claire.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  19. Please may I?
    2 November 2015 / 08:08

    It looks fabulous x x

  20. Mary
    2 November 2015 / 04:52

    It's a good thing she liked the same colors, year after year! That looks great Claire!!

    • 3 November 2015 / 06:31

      Thanks Maty, ha yes it is 🙂 she loves pink,,

  21. Donna Wirthlin
    2 November 2015 / 02:23

    Very clever costume AND you impressed your daughter–way to go! Thanks for the blog hop.

    • 3 November 2015 / 06:31

      Hehe that was my main goal :):) thanks Donna ..

  22. Laura Yoder
    2 November 2015 / 02:18

    Such a great idea!!!!Laurawww.24-7style.com

  23. Laura s
    2 November 2015 / 00:24

    omg that is so.. well.. creative! well done! i wish i had thought of that LOL I will for next year 😉

    • 2 November 2015 / 21:41

      Aww thank you Laura 🙂 Just managed to save the day !!

  24. Lindsay at Crazy Organized
    2 November 2015 / 00:20

    Thanks for another awesome party! So many things that I'm adding to my pinterest board 🙂

    • 2 November 2015 / 19:07

      Thank you Lindsay, looking forward to your posts 🙂

  25. Tamar SB
    1 November 2015 / 23:46

    Well done – it's so great!

  26. Dawn Lucy
    1 November 2015 / 23:29

    Fun costumes! I just love Halloween! Thanks for reminding me to join the link up on Twitter, Dear!OXOX Dawn Lucy

    • 2 November 2015 / 19:06

      Thanks for stopping by Dawn, love your posts 🙂

  27. Julia Nyanyo
    1 November 2015 / 23:23

    Great last minute costume save – well done! My kids were always sorting theirs out last minute too when they were younger, sigh!

  28. Spashionista Alicia Searcy
    1 November 2015 / 23:07

    What a clever way to have a unique costume! Your daughter is so lucky ;-)Aliciaspashionista.com

  29. Pam @Threading My Way
    1 November 2015 / 22:54

    Great job refashioning three costumes into one, Claire. Have a great week!

  30. Loressa CuriousWisdom
    1 November 2015 / 22:33

    Great costume! Thanks for hosting!

  31. Winnie
    1 November 2015 / 22:25

    So cute 🙂 I love your daughter's costume!!Thank you for the party Claire

  32. Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas
    1 November 2015 / 21:26

    So cute!! Thanks so much for the party and for your visits!!Hugs,Deb