Paddy’s Day Breakfast Feast To Try Out For Yourself

Recipe and photography by BFree bread.
Paddy’s Day Breakfast Feast To Try Out For Yourself

Paddy’s Day Breakfast Feast To Try Out For Yourself. Hello friends. So how are you today? Did you know that today is also Saint Patrick’s Day. So do you celebrate this day?

If so, are you looking for a big special breakfast to serve up on Saint Patricks Day?

How about trying this Paddy’s Day Breakfast Feast? BFree bread, have kindly sent me this tasty recipe to share here today.

Paddy’s Day Breakfast Feast To Try Out For Yourself:

‘Saint Patrick’s Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March’.

Imagine this, 2 slices of BFree bread, toasted. two pieces of Irish black pudding grilled and then mashed. ½ a soft avocado, mashed up too. Topped with 2 eggs, poached and a sprinkle of Himalayan sea salt. All served up with a handful of rocket. How tasty?

Serves 1-2 people

Paddy’s Day Breakfast Feast:


Two eggs

2 pieces of Irish black pudding

½ a soft avocado

Two slices of BFree bread

Sprinkle of Himalayan sea salt

Rocket (to serve)

Paddy’s Day Breakfast Feast To Try Out For Yourself

How To Make:

1.) Firstly, poach two eggs.

2.) Slice the black pudding into thin pieces and cook on the grill, mash when cooked.

 3.) Mash the avocado.

4.) Toast the slices of BFree bread.

5.) Top the toast with the mashed black pudding, then the avocado and then a soft poached egg.

Last but not least, sprinkle with salt and serve with rocket

So what do you think? Do you fancy trying the recipe for breakfast? Recipe and photography by BFree bread.

Let us know if you fancy trying or do try this this recipe out?

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There we have it, 3 yummy breakfast smoothie ideas or a cooked breakfast to celebrate Saint Patricks Day.

So what do you think? Fancy trying any of these smoothies?

As always please leave a comment in the box below if you get to try any of these recipes.

Try now or Pin to your Saint Patrick Pinterest Ideas Board.

Thanks for stopping by today and we hope you can visit us again soon.

Paddy’s Day Breakfast Feast To Try Out For Yourself:

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  1. Suza
    20th March 2016 / 11:14 pm

    wonderful. I get so hungry when I saw this delicious breakfast.Best regardssusa

  2. Heather
    17th March 2021 / 10:48 am

    Sounds delicious!

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