Top Tips for Taking Advantage of Pumpkin Season

Tips Courtesy Of Steve Smith Bohemia Bar & Restaurant.

Steve Smith’s Top Tips for Taking Advantage of Pumpkin Season. The arrival of autumn means one thing – pumpkins will be rolled out in their thousands to supermarkets isles across the country.

If you’ve had enough of carving Halloween faces into the winter squash, why not take advantage of the gloriously low pumpkin prices and make use of that fibre-rich flesh?

Pick up a pumpkin that feels heavy for its size, with a smooth, firm skin and get cooking!

Steve Smith’s Top Tips for Taking Advantage of Pumpkin Season
Pumpkin Spice Latte Anyone?

Steve Smith’s Top Tips for Taking Advantage of Pumpkin Season:

Below Steve Smith, Head Chef at Bohemia persuades you to banish the bland pumpkin soup in favour of altogether more tasty options.

1. Pumpkin Pie:

If we can thank Americans for introducing us to a dessert, it’s Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin Pie makes a delectable autumn treat and is served best with a dollop of fresh cream on top. For optimum results, spend an extra hour in the kitchen making your own crust – it will be worth it!

2. Pumpkin Pancakes:

Ditch the usual pancakes in favour of the pumpkin variety. Simply puree a cup of pumpkin and mix together with buttermilk along with the usual pancake ingredients to create a stack of perfectly fluffy pumpkin cakes.

3. Pumpkin Curry:

Combine pumpkin with chick peas and coconut for a delicious dinner for the whole family. Make this dish some time ahead of serving so that all the wonderful flavours can fully develop.

4. Pumpkin Risotto:

This resourceful take on risotto is a great dinner party dish. The pumpkin pieces add texture and substance to the popular rice dish, making it the ultimate autumn comfort food to enjoy on a cosy winter night. Pumpkin Risotto.

5. Pumpkin Loaf:

This healthy snack is the perfect alternative to a carb-heavy loaf cake. For those with a sweet tooth, a thick layer of cream cheese icing will take your loaf from healthy to heavenly in minutes.

Steve Smith’s Top Tips for Taking Advantage of Pumpkin Season

Top Tips for Taking Advantage of Pumpkin Season:

What do you think of Steve Smith’s Top Tips for Taking Advantage of Pumpkin Season? *Updated Post. First published here 23rd October 2018* This is a guest post: Tips Courtesy Of: Steve Smith Bohemia Bar & Restaurant, Green Street, St. Helier, Jersey JE2 4UH, Channel Islands

In September 2018, Bohemia was awarded 5AA rosettes for the second year in a row and now holds the record for being the first restaurant in the Channel Islands to receive this accolade. Bohemia was also ranked the 14th best restaurant in the whole of the UK in the Good Food Guide 2019 and at number 57 in Square Meal’s Top 100 Best Restaurants 2018.

Steve Smith’s Top Tips for Taking Advantage of Pumpkin Season

Top Tips for Taking Advantage of Pumpkin Season:

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Top Tips for Taking Advantage of Pumpkin Season
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